{October 24, 2014}   UPDATE: Friday, 10/24/2014

Is this the first post? Or is it the second one? I don’t like this layout as much as I used to. I wonder if I should switch to Tumblr…


{October 24, 2014}   Site template

Welcome to my prototype of a website. This is merely a test that I am conducting in order to get used to the new graphic user interface of WordPress. It’s been approx. 2 years since I have even used this blog and so I am re-introducing myself to this thing we call “technology.” Wish me luck.

{February 5, 2013}   Quote of the Week and Vocabulary

“A wise man speaks because he has something to say; A fool speaks because he has to say something.”

Vocab #1: http://quizlet.com/10733741/vocab-flash-cards/

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